UgoDog Indoor Dog Potty

The UGODOG dog potty is an environmentally friendly dog potty that is perfect for indoors. 

No more Peepads!

It will keep your dog’s paws dry and that keeps your floor and carpet dry. And that’s definitely a good thing!

The UGODOG dog potty is made with two removable, fitted grates. The square openings of the grates are sized so that even small dogs and puppies don’t get their paws trapped in it. Now that’s good design!

The grates keep your dog’s paws dry as the urine is passed through the openings in the grate.The grates also allow poop to settle on top of the grates making clean up really easy.

Ugodog dog potty has been approved by the American Pet Association and awarded a 5 star rating.


You can order the Ugodog in 2 sizes now for both small and large dogs!ugodog small 

ugodog large


Great Alternative to PeePads!


To buy a Ugodog Dog Potty, just click on the banner below with the cute dog on it. Oh, and you get free shipping and a training guide too!


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