Porch Potty Training Tips

Here are a few tips that will be of tremendous help in teaching your dog to use the Porch Potty. Most dogs adjust very well but these tips will hopefully speed up the process.

Above all, be consistent! Potty training your dog or puppy is a process so be patient and consistent.

If you have a puppy and you are potty training, the best method to introduce them is by using a crate. Crate training gives your puppy a place that is their own and they usually will not go in the same place that they sleep.

Use a leash when you take your dog/puppy to the Porch Potty. Gently guide them on to it and say “go potty” (or whatever command you decide to use) Once they have gone, praise them and give them a treat. Then take some time to play with them.

This really reinforces the fact that they were good. Set a schedule. This goes along with being consistent. The best time to take your dog to the Porch Potty is after they have been sleeping or eating.

If they do have an accident and go somewhere other than the Porch Potty, a verbal shout no, or a loud clapping of the hands/ or both is sufficient.

You never should hit or spank your dog and or /puppy. Take them directly to the Porch Potty and give the command to go. Note:  Be sure and clean the spot well where they had their accident so they will not go back to it.

TIP: Use their own urine (from a rag or paper towel) and put it on or under the grass of the Porch Potty. This will make your dog want to go there. The Porch Potty is a lifesaver for dog owners so make sure you train them correctly.

You'll be glad you did!

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