Porch Potty Training… Real or Synthetic Grass?

The short answer is…..either one will work but the bottom line is that most all dogs just love real grass. They love the smell and feel of it and it definitely gets them "in the mood" to go.

So if you have a way of watering real grass, you might want to start out with it. If you're potty training a puppy, its a great way to get them use to going on real grass. When they do go outside to do their business, the real grass will already be familiar to them.

Training an older dog to use the Porch Potty might be easier too if you start with real grass too since they are use to that.

Synthetic dog grass, however, works well too. It requires a little more training at first, but in the long run, synthetic grass requires less maintenance. The ideal situation would be to maybe start out with real grass until your dog gets into the habit of using the Porch Potty, then switch to synthetic grass.

All Porch Potties can use both real grass or synthetic grass. Having said all that, it really boils down to getting your puppy or dog into a good routine. With a consistent routine, you should be able to train successfully on either or both!

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