Porch Potty Review

We are quite impressed with the Porch Potty. And for several reasons too. We have looked at a lot of dog potties and the Porch Potty seems to have it all when it comes to an outdoor dog potty.

First of all,  the Porch Potty has one of the most competitive prices on the market (for what is included with it) Most grass dog potties don’t have a sprinkler or drainage system. And that means high maintenance. No thank you!

It is the only dog potty we’ve seen with a built in drain so you don’t need to worry about pans overflowing. That can be a mess!

So many of the dog potties using grass just have a catch pan that you have to empty daily. And if you don’t that can mean some nasty urine smells can build up very fast.

It waters itself and drains itself automatically while you sleep! That’s so cool!

The Porch Potty is basically self cleaning and on auto pilot. You just need to remove the solid waste and dispose of it.

The Porch Potty can also use real grass! (or you can use synthetic, whichever you choose) Lots of people train their dog on the real grass and then gradually replace it after a few months with the synthetic grass.

Need an indoor dog potty? No worries! Porch Potty now offers a catch pan that CAN be used with the Porch Potty indoors. This dog potty is definitely a winner in our book.

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