Need Indoor Puppy Potty? Then You Need The Porch Potty


Looking for an indoor puppy potty? Want something other than messy pee pads or newspaper on the floor? Well the Porch Potty might be the perfect solution for you and your puppy.




To clean, you just remove the solid waste and rinse with water and it is contained in a large catch basin under the unit. 

The Porch Potty teaches your puppy to go on a grassy area right from the beginning so transitioning to the outdoors is a lot easier.

You can continue to use the Porch Potty inside even after your puppy grows up. They “know” that this is their place to do their business inside. If you have long hours and a busy schedule, you don’t have to feel bad about leaving your dog inside. They have an “approved” place to relieve themselves:-

The Porch Potty means no pee pads or newspaper for your puppy to chew up and make a mess with. Simple, clean and easy……………..the way it should be!

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