My Dog Won’t Go To The Bathroom In The Snow…..Help!

So many dogs, unfortunately, won't go to the bathroom in the snow……………period.

There's nothing worse than taking your dog out in below freezing weather with snow all over the ground and standing and waiting and standing and waiting and……no luck! 

Nope, they've made their mind up that they aren't going. And to top it off they come back up on the porch and decide to go right there!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a place where your dog could go during snow season that they absolutely loved? Well there is an alternative for dogs that won't  go to the bathroom in the snow.

Indoor dog potties have become very popular with dog owners. They offer a safe (and snow free) place for your dog to go and they make it super convenient for you too.

Most dogs take to them very well and like the idea of having "their own little place" to do their business These dog potties are self contained and very easy to clean too.

So if your dog is stressing you out at bathroom break time, then you might want to check one of these out. Your dog will definitely love you for it!

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