Large Porch Potty With Sprinklers Has A New Look

porch potty large dogsThe Large Porch Potty dog potty has a new look!  Measuring 26″ x 50″ x 7″, this new design is made with weather proof resin wicker and a steel frame construction which gives it a great look along with the durability that you need in a dog potty. Plenty of room, even if you have a large dog.

It comes with two sprinklers to water the grass (automatically with the Porch Potty water timer, sold separately).

Porch Potty is one of the only dog potties that has a sprinkler system incorporated into its potty.

If you’re looking for ease of maintenance then this would be a great choice gravity fed drainage hose is included that drains it automatically so all you would need is a place off of your porch or patio (like a patio drain,flower bed or rain gutter) to run the hose.


The hose is 14 ft so that gives you plenty of length.Then all you’ll need is a water hose close by to attach to the Porch Potty.

Turn on the hose and the sprinklers pop up and fill the grass area with water, then it drains out through the drainage hose. How nice is that?

This is definitely a Porch Potty large dogs will love! It offers great looks, features and most importantly, lots of room for your dog or dogs to be able to do their business:-)

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