How Do I Train A Puppy On The UgoDog?

puppiesIt's always best to take your puppy to the UgoDog in the morning when your puppy first gets up and then after each meal. If you see them sniffing around in the house that is usually a sign they have to go too.

A puppy's muscle control is not complete until they are about 12 weeks old so it's up to you to make sure they use it often. One tip is to leave a small towel that has their urine on it in the UGODOG tray or put a small amount of your dog's urine in the tray and put the grates over it.

You can put the pee pads (if you had been using them) the first few times until your puppy gets used to the UGODOG. Always praise your puppy when they have done a good job. Remember, be patient and know that by being consistent with them they will eventually figure it out.

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