Dog Potty Grass Review…… Important Tip To Remember

Trying to decide on the best dog potty grass for your dog? There are definitely a lot of different kinds of grass on the market.

At first glance, it looks like they are all pretty similar, but if you investigate a little further, you will see the difference. Here's an important tip to keep in mind when purchasing dog potty grass…………..

Look for a synthetic dog grass that is made from actual  anti-microbial materials. Anti-microbial protection gives a dog potty an added level of protection against microbes such as stain and odor causing bacteria, dangerous viruses, mold, fungi and mildew.

Many of the dog grasses on the market only spray their grass with an antimicrobial spray and some don't have anything added at all.  Be sure and get one that is actually made with anti-microbial materials.

You'll definitely be glad you did and so will your dog!

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