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Indoor Potty For Dogs……Simple, Clean And Low Cost

Looking for an indoor potty for dogs?

Wizdogugo with dog

Millions of dog owners are trying to find a simple, clean and low cost solution for their pets. With the way work schedules are these days, dog owners can't always make it home to give their best friend a potty break.

Two favorites with dog owners are the Wizdog and the Ugodog dog potty.  Both are priced under $50 which is a great value and they are super easy to clean.

Dogs take to them pretty quickly and the best feature is the grate that is used on both models. You can put a pee pad or newspaper UNDER the grate and out of reach. So no shredded papers or mess……..nice!

Wizdog Review


I guess it boils down to 3 reasons why I like the Wizdog so much: First, it’s simple and it’s clean…………….I love simple things and I also love things that are easy to clean. It makes your life a lot easier for sure.


Next, it has a grate…………………this fits on top and keeps the urine from getting on your dogs paws. Great idea which means no tracking through the house with wet paws.


Finally it gives your dog a place “of his own” that he knows he can use inside without getting into trouble.


I was talking to a friend recently whose dog just can’t “hold it” all day while she is at work. He’s a good dog but “duty calls” and he needs a place to go. Unfortunately he’s chosen the leg of a couch to make his own. She ask me if I thought the Wizdog might work for him.


The Wizdog can definitely be a lifesaver for dog owners with busy schedules and long hours at work. It’s definitely a nice dog potty!