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Potty For Handicapped, Injured Or Elderly Dogs

Looking for a potty for handicapped dog? Have an injured or elderly dog that needs a close, easy place to do their business?

Helping a special needs dog to go potty is not an easy task. Carrying them outside can become a burden and if they are a large dog nearly impossible. 

large porch potty with sprinklers

 Porch Potty is a great solution for dog owners with a special needs dog. It can be used on a porch outside or set up inside with a removeable catch pan.

Bringing “the grass indoors” makes it so easy for your dog. Gingerleads can be used along with the Porch Potty to give your dog support.








Need Indoor Puppy Potty? Then You Need The Porch Potty


Looking for an indoor puppy potty? Want something other than messy pee pads or newspaper on the floor? Well the Porch Potty might be the perfect solution for you and your puppy.




To clean, you just remove the solid waste and rinse with water and it is contained in a large catch basin under the unit. 

The Porch Potty teaches your puppy to go on a grassy area right from the beginning so transitioning to the outdoors is a lot easier.

You can continue to use the Porch Potty inside even after your puppy grows up. They “know” that this is their place to do their business inside. If you have long hours and a busy schedule, you don’t have to feel bad about leaving your dog inside. They have an “approved” place to relieve themselves:-

The Porch Potty means no pee pads or newspaper for your puppy to chew up and make a mess with. Simple, clean and easy……………..the way it should be!

My Dog Won’t Go To The Bathroom In The Snow…..Help!

So many dogs, unfortunately, won't go to the bathroom in the snow……………period.

There's nothing worse than taking your dog out in below freezing weather with snow all over the ground and standing and waiting and standing and waiting and……no luck! 

Nope, they've made their mind up that they aren't going. And to top it off they come back up on the porch and decide to go right there!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a place where your dog could go during snow season that they absolutely loved? Well there is an alternative for dogs that won't  go to the bathroom in the snow.

Indoor dog potties have become very popular with dog owners. They offer a safe (and snow free) place for your dog to go and they make it super convenient for you too.

Most dogs take to them very well and like the idea of having "their own little place" to do their business These dog potties are self contained and very easy to clean too.

So if your dog is stressing you out at bathroom break time, then you might want to check one of these out. Your dog will definitely love you for it!

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Innovative Company Offers Grass For Dogs Potty Training

An innovative company now offers grass for dogs potty training. More dog owners are searching for an indoor grass dog potty and  Porch Potty has the perfect solution.

Dog owners have busy lifestyles these days plus they live in places that aren’t very accessible to outdoor grass for training their new puppies.


Porch Potty offers a synthetic, grass that looks and feels just like real grass. Since most puppies under 3 months have not had their shots yet, Porch Potty grass is the perfect environment to begin their potty training plus there’s the convenience of having an area close by.

Most vets agree that keeping young puppies in a clean environment during their 1st year is a very good idea. Having an indoor grass pad for dogs like the Porch Potty has definitely made dogs potty training a whole lot easier! 

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Portable Dog Potty Reviews

If you're looking for portable dog potty reviews, you've come to the right place. Our mission is to help you find the perfect portable dog potty for your best friend.

We’ve seen and researched a lot of dog potties and believe us they are NOT all created equally. Some are gimmicks and some are just maintenance nightmares. You’ll find a review of a few of our favorites listed on the right and why we like them so much.

Dog Potty Grass Review…… Important Tip To Remember

Trying to decide on the best dog potty grass for your dog? There are definitely a lot of different kinds of grass on the market.

At first glance, it looks like they are all pretty similar, but if you investigate a little further, you will see the difference. Here's an important tip to keep in mind when purchasing dog potty grass…………..

Look for a synthetic dog grass that is made from actual  anti-microbial materials. Anti-microbial protection gives a dog potty an added level of protection against microbes such as stain and odor causing bacteria, dangerous viruses, mold, fungi and mildew.

Many of the dog grasses on the market only spray their grass with an antimicrobial spray and some don't have anything added at all.  Be sure and get one that is actually made with anti-microbial materials.

You'll definitely be glad you did and so will your dog!

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Grass For Dogs In Apartments………What’s the Best?

Having a dog and living in an apartment can definitely be a challenge when it comes to a potty break.

And many times, there’s just not any available grass for them to “take a break” on or rules in the complex dictate where they can and can’t “do their business”.

A grass dog potty is ideal for apartment dwellers and can really make it so much more convenient for them.

Most grass dog potties can be used inside an apartment or out on a porch or balcony if one is available. So what is the best artificial grass for dogs?

There are many on the market but one stands out in our opinion when it comes to the quality of the grass and potty. Check it out CLICK HERE