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Grass For Dogs In Apartments………What’s the Best?

Having a dog and living in an apartment can definitely be a challenge when it comes to a potty break.

And many times, there’s just not any available grass for them to “take a break” on or rules in the complex dictate where they can and can’t “do their business”.

A grass dog potty is ideal for apartment dwellers and can really make it so much more convenient for them.

Most grass dog potties can be used inside an apartment or out on a porch or balcony if one is available. So what is the best artificial grass for dogs?

There are many on the market but one stands out in our opinion when it comes to the quality of the grass and potty. Check it out CLICK HERE



Large Dog Porch Potty Is Available

It's great to see that Porch Potty has a large version of the Porch Potty just for large dogs. It measures 28"x52"x6" which is a perfect size for most larger dogs.

It will hold up to a 120 lb dog. ( actually tested and worked with dogs up to 150 lbs)  You have a choice of regular sod, synthetic sod or both. So glad Porch Potty has this size in their product line. You can check out a Porch Potty Review HERE

Porch Potty Training Tips

Here are a few tips that will be of tremendous help in teaching your dog to use the Porch Potty. Most dogs adjust very well but these tips will hopefully speed up the process.

Above all, be consistent! Potty training your dog or puppy is a process so be patient and consistent.

If you have a puppy and you are potty training, the best method to introduce them is by using a crate. Crate training gives your puppy a place that is their own and they usually will not go in the same place that they sleep.

Use a leash when you take your dog/puppy to the Porch Potty. Gently guide them on to it and say “go potty” (or whatever command you decide to use) Once they have gone, praise them and give them a treat. Then take some time to play with them.

This really reinforces the fact that they were good. Set a schedule. This goes along with being consistent. The best time to take your dog to the Porch Potty is after they have been sleeping or eating.

If they do have an accident and go somewhere other than the Porch Potty, a verbal shout no, or a loud clapping of the hands/ or both is sufficient.

You never should hit or spank your dog and or /puppy. Take them directly to the Porch Potty and give the command to go. Note:  Be sure and clean the spot well where they had their accident so they will not go back to it.

TIP: Use their own urine (from a rag or paper towel) and put it on or under the grass of the Porch Potty. This will make your dog want to go there. The Porch Potty is a lifesaver for dog owners so make sure you train them correctly.

You'll be glad you did!

Indoor Potty For Dogs……Simple, Clean And Low Cost

Looking for an indoor potty for dogs?

Wizdogugo with dog

Millions of dog owners are trying to find a simple, clean and low cost solution for their pets. With the way work schedules are these days, dog owners can't always make it home to give their best friend a potty break.

Two favorites with dog owners are the Wizdog and the Ugodog dog potty.  Both are priced under $50 which is a great value and they are super easy to clean.

Dogs take to them pretty quickly and the best feature is the grate that is used on both models. You can put a pee pad or newspaper UNDER the grate and out of reach. So no shredded papers or mess……..nice!

Grass Potty For Dogs………Now In Two Sizes!

I was so happy to see that Porch Potty now has two sizes to choose from. They've added a small Porch Potty that has all the same features as the larger premium size, but only half the size. 

small porch potty

It's perfect for someone who has a small patio or balcony with limited room and a garden hose nearby. This grass potty for dogs still has it all………….the built in pop up sprinkler that automatically cleans the potty and the automatic gravity fed drain hose that empties it.

All you need to do is remove the solid waste and it does the rest. It even has the scented fire hydrant that comes with it. Way to go Porch Potty!

Wizdog Review


I guess it boils down to 3 reasons why I like the Wizdog so much: First, it’s simple and it’s clean…………….I love simple things and I also love things that are easy to clean. It makes your life a lot easier for sure.


Next, it has a grate…………………this fits on top and keeps the urine from getting on your dogs paws. Great idea which means no tracking through the house with wet paws.


Finally it gives your dog a place “of his own” that he knows he can use inside without getting into trouble.


I was talking to a friend recently whose dog just can’t “hold it” all day while she is at work. He’s a good dog but “duty calls” and he needs a place to go. Unfortunately he’s chosen the leg of a couch to make his own. She ask me if I thought the Wizdog might work for him.


The Wizdog can definitely be a lifesaver for dog owners with busy schedules and long hours at work. It’s definitely a nice dog potty!

How Do I Train A Puppy On The UgoDog?

puppiesIt's always best to take your puppy to the UgoDog in the morning when your puppy first gets up and then after each meal. If you see them sniffing around in the house that is usually a sign they have to go too.

A puppy's muscle control is not complete until they are about 12 weeks old so it's up to you to make sure they use it often. One tip is to leave a small towel that has their urine on it in the UGODOG tray or put a small amount of your dog's urine in the tray and put the grates over it.

You can put the pee pads (if you had been using them) the first few times until your puppy gets used to the UGODOG. Always praise your puppy when they have done a good job. Remember, be patient and know that by being consistent with them they will eventually figure it out.

Ugodog Indoor Dog Potty Training Tips

Here are a few tips if your dog appears hesitant at first to use the UgoDog

34787905.thbStarting your dog off with a leash will give you a little more control and help to gently lead them to the UgoDog. Get them use to walking on the new surface first by luring them closer and closer with treats and once they are on it give them another treat.

Once they go potty in the UgoDog for the first time, be sure and praise them and and give them a treat. Be consistent with them, use the same "potty words" each time, and praise, praise, praise them! Don't forget the treat:-) Keep the UgoDog clean…………….this definitely helps a lot!

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